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Rebel FEST Volunteers

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Rebel FEST planning

  • Date April 16th, Saturday, 10am to 2pm for actual event confirmed w/ Ms. Hines

  • Location: big parking for parking, big gym bathrooms and mini hallway and use parking lot sandwiched by Culinary/band/gym and courtyard

  • SRO required per Travis

  • Ricky Drake can reach out to 2 (Charles Dobbins and one other friend) if outside security approved by Steele

  • need requirements for what the SRO has to do (quote from Ms. Hines to Myrna PTSA coming soon)

TR Alumni Raffle Items: Sell raffle tickets and person decide which item they want to use their raffle ticket(s)

  • Consuela bag $300

  • Kendra Scott $120 ($60 x2 items)

  • Nokona baseball glove $400

  • Pluckers GC $25

  • Waterloo GC $

  • Blazer Laser Tag group of 4 people x5 passes

  • UT football signed jersey


  • Possible fee from $25-40/vendor (Rita S. TRACO to check w/ Julie M.- usual vendor circuit for usual fees)

  • BCBS -Sylvia (TRACO confirmed)

  • Tara Perez Massage (Jasmin TRACO)

  • Generation Serve (Mark W. TRACO)

  • Former Travis Parent owns snow cone truck willing to donate 10% of sales from that day (Myrna PTSA)


  • Baseball team (Mark TRACO to speak w/ Coach McGarrahan)

  • Cheap booths

  • fishing game

  • baseball throw

  • two legged raise

  • obstacle course

  • Frisbee (Jasmin TRACO)

  • Myrna to check if programs will sign up like Honor’s Society volunteers, Culinary fundraiser, etc.

  • Jasmin to check w/ athletics for sign up

  • Performances like cheer, dance, orchestra, band

  • Dedication for Monarch butterfly (Myrna PTSA)

  • Easter hunt (Wildflower Church- Jasmin/Myrna to call Paula V.)


  • Banner x2 at Travis (Alumni can cover, Myrna to check w/ Ms. Hines for free print at Travis)

  • Yard signs

  • Community flyers to schools (PTSA to do)

  • Travis Heights, Becker Elem, Linder Elem, Dawson Elem

  • Mendez MS and Lively MS

  • Marquee at Travis ECHS (Myrna PTSA)

  • Social Media posts (Jasmin and Myrna)

  • Weekly Newsletter (Jasmin TRACO to forward to Ms. Shirey)

  • Mark w/ graphic art for Rebel FEST banner/flyer

  • to add PTSA as co-host in the current sign made

  • finalize this Friday to print and put up by Monday


  • Donations for water (need to collect)

  • Jas to meet w/ El Mercado for possible donation


Hi all! This will be our Rebel FEST planning team of volunt...
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